“Underdog Rock…Madison has been rich in garage-rock and power-pop lately but lacks bands that follow the earnest, Gaslight Anthem school of rock revivalism. Enter the misfit crew Little Legend.”

-Scott Gordon [Isthmus Vol. 37, No. 45]

“Little Legend.  Madison is fickle when it comes to rock and roll.  That being said, these guys will either become the new darlings of Madison rock, deservedly so, or will be yet another band that rips there brains out and ferociously plays to half filled rooms.  Either way, they bring an intense sound that is rare in the town where quirkiness and funny hats are prerequisites for success.  These guys bring it, and they do it in a monstrously grotesque blend of styles.  It’s as though a gang of 50’s greasers crashed into a 90’s grunge band on the side of a lonely road.”

-Dan Walkner [from a article]

“Being that the 2012 festival season is just starting up, I’ll no doubt be roadtripping all across America with some friends. Little Legend’s “Saints” is a track that will no doubt wind up on all my mixes for those trips, regardless of who else is in the car. I mean, who could not love the strong pop riff and great vocals that propel this track?”

Matt Jordan []

“Saints is top-notch by anyone’s standards. Unabashed, gutsy and satisfying.”

- Joe Sparrow []

“It is as good a slice of full-on, no holds barred, heart-on-its-sleeve indie rock as we’ve heard in a long time. A band to to keep eyes and ears on…”

[Mad Mackerel]

“I don’t like when people say that rock is dead and here is why. It’s the bands like this Wisconsin one that are tearing up guitar strings and heart strings but the people that claim rock is dead aren’t hearing them. That’s a shame because this band has crafted a sound that can play well on speakers, in headphones and I wouldn’t doubt seedy dive bars.”